At Oxford University, I am currently teaching in the first-year MPhil course Microeconomics.
At Copenhagen University, I taught the following courses:

Fall 2013 Micro C (Game Theory, BSc/MSc) Outline and Plan Lecturer and course coordinator
Spring 2013 Micro C Outline and Plan Lecturer and course coordinator
Spring/Fall 2012 Micro C Teaching assistant
  • “Micro C” is the undergraduate game theory course at Copenhagen University, and the most advanced undergraduate microeconomics course.
  • In 2013, I received the “Award of the Department of Economics for Excellent Teaching” at Copenhagen University for my lectures in Micro C. Click here to see the diploma.
  • Click here to see my teaching evaluations from fall 2013 (translated into English where necessary).
  • I have also supervised bachelor thesis students in English and Danish. Example topics:
    • Bargaining and the 2013 teacher’s lockout: A theoretical investigation
    • Signaling about a firm’s quality through choice of capital structure